“We have a simple goal, get you as many locations as possible, save you on actual rent, get more clients and make more money (so we can get you more virtual locations). We handle hundreds of locations and make sure we keep our virtual rent costs low” — Rent Anywhere Team

Virtual Rent Anywhere

As long as your business is not a retail/food business that requires traffic to enter, We can put a virtual office/location in any part of the USA. This means your company will have a local presence in a downtown area you can't afford, out of state office you need temporarily, or a franchise look in expensive neighborhoods.

$100-600 per month (based on population)

What is the Value?
Rent in downtown is too high, instead open up 3 local virtual offices. You can have a location anywhere you want. This is great for going into other states or even high end towns that you want to start working in.

Google Maps SEO

This package is tied directly to our Virtual rent. Just like any business, you can have an office or 20 offices, but if they are not ranking on google maps, what's the point? There are multiple ways to do Google Maps SEO and one of the most important is create a citation presence on the internet through thousands of websites.

$50 per month

What is the Value?
Manually creating thousands of citations will take months of work. We directly feed through an API to thousands of sites which tells google you are serious about your business on the internet.

Google Reviews

If you google a service and you had to choose between 3 reviews and 30 reviews, which would you choose? Google reviews are just as important as citations. We recommend you get your own reviews from clients whenever possible. However google does prioritize companies with more reviews as do your clients.

$30-50 per review (based on quantity)

What is the Value?
If a spend $1000 and get 20+ reviews on a location, Will you earn at least 1 extra client per month because you have so MANY reviews VS your competitor with only a few reviews? A 1 time investment that feeds for years to come.